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Can a neighbor take me to small claims court for feeding stray cats? It's not illegal in Georgia as far as I know.

Duluth, GA |

All the animals have been TNR (trapped, neuter, release) and have their rabies shots. We tried to be responsible about the pet population and humane to the animals by not taking them the pound. Other neighbors feed them as well, and no one else has complained. The neighbor threatening us says they are damaging her property by urinating in her yard. Does this have any merit? Can she hold me responsible for neighborhood strays?

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It seems unlikely she could prevail. Documenting damages would be difficult enough; holding you responsible for them sounds even more remote.

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Thanks for the comment. I assumed as much, but wanted an expert opinion. She's also threatening to contact the police dept, though I find nothing documented in Gwinnett Co. showing that feeding them is illegal.


Short answer... Your neighbor has little chance of getting a judgment against you.

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Your neighbor could file a claim, but it would be a difficult one to prove.

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