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Can a mother take away father's rights based on absence of a parent in Texas?

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I am the single mother of two daughter's, ages 6 & 8. I left their father due to an abusive relationship. After getting out of the relationship, I put him on child support but decided to drop the case due to fear of him having visitation rights. We both appeared in court, but I notified my case worker of the situation and case was dismissed. I didn't want him around based on the history of abuse I was scared for myself as well as my daughters. Now it's been six years, and since he has never paid child support nor ever made an attempt to be part of their lives, I would like to obtain sole custody? Or what If I made contact with him and he willingly would like so sign his rights over, would we have to get lawyers for court?

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Yes, you are going to need a lawyer to handle either your request for sole managing conservatorship or to terminate his parental rights. The issues involved are too detailed to handle yourself.

If you need help, contact me.


You are still probably going to want a lawyer to help you terminate his parental rights, even if he says he will voluntarily sign away his parental rights. If nothing else, this man has abused you, and it could be dangerous for you to have contact with him. You also want the proper procedures followed with respect to the termination so he cannot come back later and say that somehow you did it wrong and the judge shouldn't have signed it.

But yes, for that time period without him supporting the children or being part of their lives, you can probably get his rights terminated.

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