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Can a mother deny the child's father visitation when they have a joint custody?

Columbus, GA |

My husband is active duty army and has been in Korea for the past 13 months. He recently went on leave to see his daughter, but his ex-wife is denying him his visitation rights even though they have joint custody. What can he do legally to see his daughter?

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I'm sorry to hear about your husband's problem. Best thing for him to do is contact a domestic relations attorney immediately to contact the ex and try to talk some sense into her. If she doesn't cooperate, then file a contempt action against her. The judge will enforce the agreement and order her to allow visitation. Good luck.


Assuming all of this is occuring in Georgia, there probably is a visitation agreement. If the ex is violating the visitation agreement, he can file a action for contempt against her for violating the agreement.

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