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Can a motel make you leave after 28 days? Can they offer you a lease but not call it a lease?

I'm staying at a weekly motel, every 28 days my kids and I have to move out for two days and then we can come back. First is that legal for motels to do that? This past week is my last week of the 28 days, we have to move out Christmas Eve. When I went to pay rent they offered me an extended stay packet, that consist of a monthly lease agreement, rental application and a credit check form. Also it isn't offered to everyone and is kinda hush hush if you get approved, they prefer you not to discuss it with other guests. When you turn it in you pay $60 for credit check. To pass you have to have no evictions, make 3x's the rent and a 650 credit score. If I had all that I wouldn't be living here. I've never heard of this before. Am I wrong to say that it doesn't seem legal? It's basically a transient weekly motel.

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