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Can a members of A local union get an injunction against a merger with other locals

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There are 5 locals in nothern nj district council ironworkers. Local 45 has the most work and money. They are finacially stable. In November local was taken over by internation because the finacial secretary stole a large sum of money.(There have been other instances where this has happened and the international did not take over) Now the international is planning to merge all 5 local and make the next most stable local the host local. The members of the local that was taken over has not had a meeting since the takeover and it is believed that the taker over was a rues so that the other local would be the host local. Is it possible to get an injuntion or to become a rougue local???

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The consolidation of the locals is a matter that is subject to the bylaws and rules of the local and the international. However, such an endeavor would be pretty expensive. Also,
even if the international does not strictly follow all of the rules, the odds are probably low that a court would interfere with the union's internal affairs.

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As long as you have standing, you can host a challenge. However, it would be a very long uphill battle.

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