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Can a marriage witness unwitness you after a while of marriage even tho you have a great marriage ?

Des Moines, IA |

I was reading a question and the same situation has happened to me, I am in Iowa or just even anywhere else if you have a problem with someone who witnessed your marriage a while ago and she asking for a copy of the marriage certificate because it has her name on it and claiming that she has the right for it just in case something happened !! threatening to unwitness my marriage and i have a great marriage, does she have the right to get a copy ? can she do anything to hurt our marriage ?

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She cannot "un" witness your marriage.

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I agree, she cannot "unwitness." Someone trying to do so is admitting she was either lying when she acted as witness, or lying that she was not there. Sounds like a strange situation, but certainly nothing that will affect your marriage.