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Can a man change his will to exclude his son and his grandchildren from his will after the son has passed away from cancer?

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My husband of over 31yrs passed away in 2010 of cancer. He had a 2% chance of survival & he wanted to die peacefully @ home. I honored his wishes as I am an RN. I cared for him for a yr after he was diagnosed. His father's will stated that his land would be split evenly between him and his 2 sisters. However, being old-fashioned, he felt I should have put him in the hospital towards the end and get physical therapy to help him walk again. The cancer spread everywhere. He accused me of killing him. After my husband's death, I found out that he also accused me of trying to kill my youngest daughter who has lupus because I was jealous of the relationship she had with her daddy, along with killing my oldest daughter 29 yrs ago who died of heart disease. This man hasn't spoken to us since

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A person can change their will up until death, as long as they have the mental capacity to do so.

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Unfortunately it his property and as long as he has capacity to do so, he can change his will at any time.

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There is no automatic "right" of inheritance for children, and a competent adult may leave his property to anyone he chooses (with certain exceptions for a spouse that do not apply here). So, if he chooses to change his will after the death of his son, you cannot prevent that from happening.

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