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Can a male parent be sued for child support even when he does almost everything i.e school supply, clothes, toys ,school uniform

Annapolis, MD |
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A male parent may be sued for child support even given the facts in your question. The key to answering your question is how much in child support may the parent be sued for. The most significant factors in determining an amount will be the incomes of the parents as well as the amount of overnights the child spends with each. Considering incomes, if the combined income is less than $10,000 monthly then a straight calculation from the guidelines determines the amount. A link to the guidelines calculations is included below. If combined income is more than $10,000 per month, then the Court has discretion to arrive at the amount, which usually is a function of the child's expenses and proportion of incomes, although the Court may use extrapolated guidelines, but only as a guide. Income may be imputed if either parent is voluntarily impoverished (unemployed or under-employed). A schedule of overnights of greater than 35% of the overnights reduces the amount of child support as well, since the guidelines presume that the parents are each spending on the child in greater amounts when they are with each parent based on the number of overnights in this shared custody model. At the end, whatever amount of child support either parent should be spending in accordance with the guidelines, that amount assumes that the money includes the category of expenses you set forth as school supply, clothes, toys, school uniform. In other words, if you are ordered to pay child support, that money is to be used to pay for those expenses you included in your question.

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