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Can a mànager get fired if he dates a employee

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We been dateing eachother for 2 years i want to stop dateing him cause i know its wrong but Now we Luv eachother so much n its hard to let him Go what Can i do i need my job n so does he n we cry because its killing us

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If your employer has a policy against inter-office romances, you could both lose your job.

If your employer is threatening to enforce this policy, you may want to consult with an employer, have them review your office policy and discuss the circumstances of your relationship and any threats of termination from your employer. However, there may not be anything the attorney could do.

One of you may simply need to find a new job if you do not want to end your relationship.

Good luck.

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If the company policy prohibits managers and employees from having a relationship, then yes, one or both could potentially lose their jobs. Check with either the store HR manager, or if you are worried about being "discovered" you could probably check with the regional HR manager more discretely.

My answer to your question does not create an attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, I have not reviewed any laws or cases related to your question in formulating my answer. I am simply providing my "gut reaction" based on the facts as you described.


A manager can be fired for any reason. violating a policy against dating coworkers would certainly form a basis for termination.

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