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Can a life estate be revoked

Emporia, VA |

my father in law and mother in law gave my wife property and she gave them life estate . can they get their property back ?

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I am pretty sure that would depend on whether the original transfer was a revokable or an irrevokable transfer. Whoever it is that you are asking this question for (the wife or the in-laws) should take the trust and/or transfer documents to an estate planning attorney to review and then advise them accordingly. If you have difficulty finding an estate attorney in your area, then check out the state bar's lawyer referral service (

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You can do some research in the Circuit Court where the property is located to find out whether any Deeds transferring the property were properly filed and recorded, or you could have a title search done.


I agree with Attorney Mandell. If the conveyance was not revocable, then they would only be able to get the property back if your wife gives it back to them. Whether it makes sense to do that or not depends on facts not stated in your summary.

James Frederick

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