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Can a Lawyer write down a SAMPLE OF STATE OF A CLAIM or Cause of Action on a cased based on False Advertising, Fraud, lies,etc?

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I would like to see in one page what is like to state a cause of action and state of claim against a financial that made false advertising, used of clandestine, lies, did not disclose full of policy of its business in order to get me to provide them my information.

If the compamh did disclose its policy about requirement, and what to expect, l would not have signed up application for credit, but company did not tell me the true. They violated both several state and federal court laws.

So I am suing, but company responded said I failed to state a cause of action, or claim.

If you bring several violations against a party in court, do you must write a short statement, cause of action separately for each of them?

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The Avvo forum is not here for complete Legal Advice per Avvo Terms of Use. That can only be done through a consultation with an attorney you hire. Even when we know the answer we are not allowed to post such things

Use the Find a Lawyer tool to hire a top rated (10) lawyer for your needed Legal Advice. Good luck to you



Common Alan, at least you could have answered the last question: Is each violation claim a complaint must have a different separate short statement for each?

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


Despite complaints from a number of Avvo attorneys, Mr. Brinkmeier continues to frequently and improperly imply that only lawyers with AVVO 10 ratings are worth hiring. Many lawyers rated less than 10 are outstanding. Some lawyers rated 10 by AVVO are barely mediocre. Anyone seeking the services of an attorney should consider more than just an AVVO number.


The very nature of your statements and question suggests that you don't know how much you don't know. No amount of advice in this limited forum will get you where you want to go. If you care about winning your case, don't do this yourself. Consult with a lawyer. Good luck!

I am primarily a credit card defense lawyer, but I also handle a variety of other consumer issues and general civil litigation. I hope you found my answer helpful. If you did, please click "helpful" and/or "best answer," because doing so helps my Avvo rating. Please also understand that answering this question doesn't make me your lawyer, and my answer is not even an "initial consultation" with me. In answering your question(s), I am merely giving you VERY GENERAL ADVICE based upon your VERY GENERAL QUESTION. If I indicated that you need to see a lawyer personally, then PLEASE DO SO. Good luck to you!


The answer is NO. Its not that you "would like to see" such a thing, but that you would like to see it so you can copy it down and use in a legal case you intend to pursue and then ask a bunch of questions about how to be your own lawyer and fix the improper pleadings that you have already filed in court. To be candid, by asking the questions you pose, its clear that you are not the lion in the litigation arena, but the condemned prisoner. If the issue is important enough to litigate, its important enough to hire a lawyer to handle. If you cant or wont, then the issue is not that important to waste the resources and bear the risks of legal action and you consider some other means of resolution.

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