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Can a landlord show up unanounced anytime they want?

Wildwood, FL |

We put in our 30 day notice 6 days ago and sence then the landlord has show up twice and not gotten out of there car once and just honked the other then one of the times they stopped they shut off our electric and its not even in there name and our electric is paid up! Also one of times they stopped it was 10pm at night! I don't have to asnwer the door right? And are they allowed to just stop anytime they want without telling us they r coming?

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The landlord's right to show the property depends on the wording of your lease. If you are unsure of the meaning of your lease or your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, you should consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area.

Disclaimer: This answer is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Actual legal advice can only be provided after completing a comprehensive consultation in which all of the relevant facts are discussed and reviewed.



It doesn't state anything in the lease and he wasn't showing the property he is just showing up and sitting outside either honking or touching the electric which is not in his name he has not tryed to comunicate with me at all! Florida state law states that he has to give atleast 12 hrs notice so doesn't he!?


The landlord's right to show up at any time depends on the terms of the lease but the landlord does not have the right to shut off electric service. Disconnecting electric service may entitle you to the equivalent of three months rent from the landlord. Call a landlord-tenant attorney as soon as possible.

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