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Can a landlord restrict overnight guests if I rent a room in the landlord's house?

Newbury Park, CA |

I live in a room that I rent out of a house. My landlord lives in the house also and I have access to everything except his and his wife's rooms, of course. I had my girlfriend over one night and we left that morning together. When I get home from work and I am cooking, my landlord tells me that I can't have overnight guests. I have read online that this restriction is unlawful. But is it still unlawful if I rent just a room out of a house, and that house is the landlord's residence? I'm worried this is allows him to dictate my social life and who I can have in my room overnight.

It is not stated in the lease. He verbal spoke of not wanting overnight guests. I misunderstood this as him trying to say he doesn't want extra wear and tear and higher utility bills from overnight guests staying too much. I didn't think he was trying to impose his own "moral code" on me. He gave no issue to my male cousin staying the night when he visited me. Doesn't the Bane Act not allow discrimination of overnight guests based on gender? And I thought in California, that landlords cannot say you cannot have overnight guests: Also, what makes a room different from normal landlord/tenant laws in CA? Am I not a tenant? Also, even if overnight guests were restricted in the lease, wouldn't that be illegal as well, and not enforceable?

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You should review the terms of your lease.