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Can a landlord of a mobile home tell you who can live with you if you own your mobile home just rent the land?

Johnson City, TN |

my uncle owns his mobile home but he rents the land from a women who owns the trailor park. well she contacted my uncle this evening and told him that his daughter and her kids had to leave that they couldnt live in the home. that only my uncle and his girlfriend could live there. is that ok for her to do that?

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If he has a written lease, take a look at it to see whether the landlord has the right to limit occupancy. If so, then that is the rule. If not, then he probably can have them live with him, unless they are causing a nuisance or interfering with others' quiet enjoyment of their property, or unless the lease gives the landlord some other basis for excluding them. If there is no written lease, then the landlord can exclude them unless he is doing it for discriminatory reasons (i.e., they are a different race).

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