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Can a landlord in PA let himself in to tenant's residence without notice?

Erie, PA |

My daughter who is a college student in Pa and rents a home with 3 other room-mates, woke up today (Sunday, Dec. 2) to find her landlord standing over her in her bedroom. He proceeded to harrass her about rent. She and another room-mate had already mailed their rent, evidently the other two room-mates hadn't yet paid. My daughter is afraid to say anything because the landlord bullies and harrasses them at every opportunity and she doesn't want him to retaliate. I think she should have called the police when she woke up to find him in her bedroom. What are her legal rights?

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You have to look at the lease. Most leases have specific provisions spelling out the circumstances under which the owner can enter the leased premises. The behavior you describe is pretty outrageous, but outrageous may not be enough. It is entirely possible that he violated the lease provision. IN addition, being late on the rent doesn't give the landlord additional rights to bully or harass tenants. If your daughter fears retaliation (you don't say what kind or on what the basis for this fear) then all of the tenants need to consider talking to a lawyer and, then, possibly informing the police of this behavior.



Thank you - I plan to get the lease from my daughter to look at it and also have her father call the landlord. Perhaps if he knows we are aware of his intimidation techniques he will not continue to be the bully he has been in the past.