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Can a landlord expect a tenant to pay for rewiring on a month to month lease?

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We have lived in the same apartment for 9 years. Our lease was signed 12/04/04 and became month to month - one year later. Two months ago we received a new air conditioner policy that states that if the unit cannot handle an AC the rewiring would be the tenants responsibility. The issue is that it could cost upwards of $500 and would be to the landlords benefit as they could terminate tenancy at any point, given 30 days written notice. We live under section 8 housing choice voucher a receive a state inspection per annum. Clearly, given the section eight standing, paying for rewiring would be contrary to the limited income factor.

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Read the language of your lease carefully, as it still controls the terms of your tenancy and will likely answer your question. I am not aware of any law which would require a tenant to pay for electrical work that was not caused by the action or inaction of the tenant. Ask the landlord to point out the language of the lease or statute which would require that you pay for this - if the landlord is not able to do so and yet still insists that you pay, I would consult a local landlord/tenant attorney. I hope this was helpful, and best of luck to you.

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The Section 8 Rental Agreement between the Landlord and the governmental authority would apply and I doubt that the wiring cost could be passed to you. Call the LUCAS METROPOLITAN HOUSING AUTHORITY (419) 259-9400 and ask the same question.

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