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Can a landlord evict me for feeding feral cats that have done damage to the underside of the mobile home I lived in?

Clarks Summit, PA |

This Trl. prk.has been here for over 20yrs. and from time to time everyone thats lived here has fed these cats.Ive been here 3yrs and ive been feeding them daily.There is no lease or rules about feeding these cats.Last Dec. I started working with a SNRprogram.27of28 cats are done.The landlords son is blaming me for damage done by the cats under the trl. i previously lived in.2x he has verbally abused me since the discovery of the damage.He accuses me of being a liar,says he wants me to leave.He has not served me with an eviction notice yet and I don't think if he does itll have anything to do with these cats.He as told me if i dont like it here I should leave,he told my neighbor he shoul leave also.I am now getting afraid due to his verbal abuse.Can I be held liable for damages or evicted?

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Possibly. You may want to consult with a local landlord tenant lawyer.

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The landlord will likely argue that you have created a nuisance since the feral cats are likely to frequent the property since they've been fed there, and will likely seek to sue you for the damages caused by the cats. If you want to live there, stop feeding the cats. Your landlord has a first amendment right to be a jerk and say rude things. A lease can not predict everything so it does not say you can not feed feral cats. But that does not mean your landlord has to tolerate it. If you're on a month to month or if your lease term is up soon, he can simply decide not to renew with you. Or, he can start eviction proceedings. You should read your lease to see what it says, and a consultation with a local landlord/tenant attorney is a good idea.

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