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Can a landlord evict a tentant who has minor children in winter in MI?

Wayland, MI |

Our renter has been "short" and/or late with her rent payment for the last 4 months. Not to mention the last two checks that she wrote were not honored by her bank. She is a single mother with two minor children and winter is approaching, and while I dislike having to evict her and her children, I simple can no longer put myself out for her. I also noticed while performing matinence on the property recently, that she no longer has trash service and is letting trash pile up in a small pole barn she has access to. To top it off I recieved notice from her utility company that she is 90 days out on her electric bill, and is scheduled for shut of by the end of this month. I want to be as by the book as possible with this eviction and hopefully the process can be quick and painless.

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Yes. A tenant is required to pay rent regardless of whether they have minor children or no children at all. As such, the fact that the tenant has minor children is not a valid defense to an eviction proceeding for non-payment of rent. As long as you follow the proper procedures, you should not have any issues.

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