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Can a landlord decide not to give receipts any longer?

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My husband went to turn in our rent check today and the office told him they no longer give receipts. After nagging for a few minutes, the lady in the office printed a "receipt" and signed it.

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Any landlord who does not provide receipts, especially when cash is being paid, is a big red flag. Pay by check or money order and keep your proof of payment. If the LL does not give you a receipt, do not give any money. This is unbelievable and the practice should be reported to the owner of the building (unless it is the same person not giving receipts).



It was the new owner of the apartments we live in that told him that. We always pay with a check but we get the receipts as extra documentation.


A receipt is required to be given by law. California Civil Code section 1499 provides that: "A debtor [that's you] has a right to require from his creditor [that's the landlord] a written receipt for any property [that's the rent payment] delivered in performance of his obligation." Even if you pay by check or money order, getting a written receipt is a good idea because it shows when the payment was received by the landlord.
As general rule, NEVER give anyone cash without them giving you a receipt in exchange for the cash. If the person says that they will give you the receipt later, tell them they can have the cash when they give you the receipt and not before.

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Landlord is required to give receipt. If he refuses to give receipt either pay by money order, cashier's check , check or bill pay, so that you can provide proof of payment upon demand. Please make sure not to make cash payment. If the person authorize to make payment is the designated manager, make sure to report it to his supervisor.

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