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Can a landlord charge tenants for out door lighting electric

Covina, CA |

wants to charge $10.00 a mo. to every tenant

each tenant pays own electric.

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Consult the terms of your lease. These questions of contribution towards shared utilities or common spaces is usually addressed in the terms of the contract.

If you cannot understand the terms of your lease, consult with an attorney who can help explain its terms.


Yes, if the obligation to pay the $10 is set forth in writing in the lease or rental agreement.

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As you can see from my colleague's answers, both of wich I agree, outdoor lighting is a negotiable cost that should be contained in your written lease.

If the lease is silent, the interpretation would be that there is no additional cost to you as it would be a change in the terms of your lease. If, however, you are in a very short term lease (i.e., month to month) the landlord can give you a notice of increase in rent consistent with the notice requirements (30/60 days)

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