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Can a landlord charge a pet fee of $200 for a single kitten?

Bay City, MI |

A month after moving in, I bought a kitten. Unaware that there was a pet fee, because it never concerned me...I brought her home. I am more than willing to pay a fee, but $200 is a bit steep for a kitten for only 5 months. A kitten cant even cause that much in damages. Any help?

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You have to check your lease. If there is a provision for a $200 pet fee, there's nothing you can do.

If there is no mention of such a fee, you may have some recourse. You should contact an attorney if this is the case for more information. Good luck.


"a kitten for only 5 months. A kitten cant even cause that much in damages." 1) kitty won't be tiny for long, 2) kitty will use carpet for scratching post, 3) kitty may miss litter box from time to time. $200 isn't much and if you have a pet you deal with it. Otherwise, buy a house.


If your lease states that's what the fee is and the fee is within your state's legal limits (and I believe yours is), then yes, your landlord can charge that fee. If you think a kitten/cat can't do much damage then you've obviously never had one before.

If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.


Click Brochure below and see p 29. Lots of other good information in there as well.

The above answer is generalized reply to an question and is not intended to be legal advice or establish an attorney-client relationship with you. If necessary you should meet with an attorney and provide the attorney with all relevant documents and get an attorney opinion or advice on your situation.


Rule #1 - You must read everything you sign, and know the terms of your lease before acting. You signed the lease and therefore agreed to ALL the terms of the lease. You were not coerced or incapacitated at the time you signed it, and therefore, the law would say you knowingly and voluntarily agreed and signed the lease. If you don't like the fee, you can try to negotiate with your landlord, but cats can be a nuisance for all the reasons stated in other responses. A $200 fee is not unreasonable

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