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Can a landlord and his attorney garnish my wages even if I make less than 30x minimum wage? What if I refuse to pay them ever?

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I got involved with a nasty landlord he informed my that my lease was terminated due to association complaint on Dec. 1st, I then informed him on Dec 15th that I was moving and could no longer pay rent, he then denied he ever said my lease was terminated, he then had the courts proceed with an eviction, I could not afford paying an attorney to fight the case and lost by default, he is now trying to sue me for the remainder of the lease and attorney fees, once again I can't afford an attorney, hes a crook taking complete advantage of me and I refuse to pay him even a penny for as long as I live, I work part-time receiving $200.00 a week, no money saved, and I get food stamps, how can ensure he never takes money from me, I'm willing to quit my job and be homeless if I have to, please help.

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You are obligated to pay what you owe. Being unable to pay rent does not eliminate the debt. If you were evicted, then you may not have to pay the full amount of the lease, but you will still have to pay something. They can put a lien on your property and they might be able to garnish your wages. You can't run from this forever and I can't imagine why you would prefer to be unemployed and homeless for the rest of your life.

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You may want to call your local legal aid office in order to get a one on one consultation with an attorney who can appraise you of your rights. Florida protects your wages from being garnished to an extent. For example the garnishment limit is 25%, and you may be able to reduce that to 0 if you can claim the head of household exemption.

Mr. Trabin is correct however, you should not run away from your problems. Becoming homeless and unemployed is certainly not a solution to this issue.

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