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Can a juvenile probation officer go through your cell phone?

Pine Grove, WV |

My probation officer came to my school and asked for my phone. I said ok not knowing if she was aloud to go through it or not. It was turned off and she turned it on and asked from my pass code. She told me she would bring it back to me at home that night. So after that day had passed I never seen her? I never said in my papers from court that she could go through my phone. Is this legal?

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The timing of your question could not be better, as the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments on this very issue (cell phone searches in general) just today. The simple answer is no one knows.

In a little more depth, the answer is probably if 1) you are on supervision, because "conditions of supervision" are executed at the iutset of probation giving up a lot pf rights, particularly 4th Amendment rights, & 2) children, unfairly, do not seem to have the same consltutional rights as adults. I have never understood why. It is, nonetheless, a fact.



however it never said in my terms and conditions that she could serch my phone?