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Can a judgment for attorney fees and medical bills from 6 years earlier, be reversed?

Glen Rock, NJ |

The ex filed while I was having surgery and I did not make the appearance. Now I receive a judgment for her attorney fees and medical bills (which were never forwarded) some dating back 6 years and a demand for payment within 30 days.

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When was the hearing? How were you served? Did you respond at all to any served papers asking for a postponement of the hearing?

Depending on the circumstances, how much the bills are, etc., you might want to hire an experienced attorney.

Good luck!

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You need to speak to an attorney immediately. It sounds like your ex filed a post-judgment motion to enforce provisions of your settlement agreement regarding payment of medical and other expenses. If you had a legitimate reason why you were unable to appear, you need to file an appropriate application to reconsider, appeal, or vacate the order immediately. I don't know the facts of your situation, but the longer you wait, the less likely it is that Court would re-open the decision.

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