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Can a judge order you to pay for something that you truly cannot afford?

Plano, TX |


Please answer a question for me. I was recently at a hearing where the judge ordered counseling. When I informed him/her that I was already getting counseling elsewhere, I was still ordered to pay out of pocket expenses for the new counseling ordered. The counseling ordered is 3X the cost of the personal counseling I'm already receiving.

My attorney argued for leniency, as I am already stretched and paying expenses for my family without receiving a dime of child support (the judge saw no issue with this--he/she wants to leave it to the attorney general). My question is could I be thrown in jail for not complying with an order issued by a judge if I truly cannot afford it? How do you get blood from a turnip? I'm worried about this. Please advise. Thanks.

I am no longer being represented by an attorney, which is why I am inquiring. I am trying to figure out next steps. This is not a means to second-guess anyone, as the question never came up until now. If there is anyone who can answer, please respond. Thanks.

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You have an attorney according to your post. That ethically prohibits any reputable attorney here on Avvo, or anywhere for that matter, from weighing in.

This is not a forum to second guess your attorney.

Set up an appointment and talk this over with your attorney.


All you can do is appeal - and that appeal has to be filed quickly. You should consult a local attorney to see if you still have any options.