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Can a judge order counseling when i dont want to attend counseling?

El Centro, CA |
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You don't provide any information as to what sort of matter you have which brings you in front of this particular judge, and why you believe that the judge is going to order "counseling" of some sort.

There are specific situations (certain child custody cases, cases involving a finding that a child is "dependent/neglected", certain domestic violence restraining order cases, etc.) in which the court has the power to order one or both parties to go to various sorts of counseling or therapy. If you wanted to go, it wouldn't be necessary for the court to order you to go.


If you are convicted of a criminal offense involving domestic violence, a 52 week domestic violence program is a required term of probation.

You can always tell the judge that you refuse to do the program, but that would be viewed as rejecting probation. The judge would then have no option other than sending you to jail (for a misdemeanor) or prison (if the case was a felony).