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Can a judge force an adoptive mother to make her adopted child see their siblings?

Charleston, WV |

My grandmother adopted my seven year old cousin, after her mom was killed and her dad signed away his rights. The judge is forcing my grandmother to take my cousin to see her 17 year old half sister, even though my cousin does not want to see her. My cousin, her sister, and her sisters lawyer was in a room with the judge and the lawyer told my cousin to say yes to the questions, my cousin came out of the room upset. Is this legal? Can the judge really force my grandmother to do this?

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I find the questioning you describe to be highly irregular. Where was your grandmother and/or her attorney during this questioning? Your grandmother should get an attorney ASAP. I can make a recommendation in Charleston. Not sure how this is even in court, meaning who petitioned for this visitation/ Half-sister has no standing if only 17, and I think no standing at all simply by being a hlf-sister. Something does not sound right here.

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