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Can a judge deny jury duty excuse if excuse is a law?

Pittsfield, IL |

I am a stay at home mom and IL is a family friendly jury state so the statute says that i can be excused from jury duty because i am primary caregiver to children under 12. I don't know if the judge will excuse me. Can he deny my excuse even with the statute? and if so what will happen if i bring my child with me to jury duty?

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Yes, the judge may deny your request if he deems that you don't meet the requirements of the statute for "primary caregiver" and "undue hardship". 705 ILCS 305/10.2 (b).

You should examine your jury summons carefully for contact information. You may find it possible to obtain an excuse; in some counties a "free pass" or two is allowable--but you'd have to request it in sufficient time. There are counties where you make a call the night before to find out whether you will be required to report. You may also find out whether there is a child care service connected with the courthouse. If you are in Pike County, you may find answers to these questions from the Circuit Clerk 217-285-6612.

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Your jury notice should provide contact information. Make contact with the jury commissioner. Whatever you do, DO NOT bring children to jury duty!