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Can a husband with a criminal record file for AOS for her undocumented spouse?

Bronx, NY |

Hi I'm dating a US citizen and we plan on getting married. But he has revealed me that he was once arrested when he was young for gun possession. I don't know all the details but I am a bit concerned that his record can prevent him for helping me. We already found a sponsor.

Does the USCIS conduct a background on him too? What if they find out? Will he still be able to do the immigration interview and so…? Please I need advice

Thanks a lot.

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His arrest should not affect your case.

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It should not be a problem especially if he was a juvenile .


His arrest should not be a problem when filing for you.

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USCIS will conduction a background check on him, and his criminal record could impact your case in two ways.

First, if he has any outstanding warrants, then there is always the possibility that USCIS could contact local law enforcement and arrange to have him arrested when he appears for the interview. So, make sure that any criminal issues have been fully resolved before you start the immigration paperwork.

Second, USCIS will screen for any convictions that fall under the Adam Walsh Act, which would prevent him from petitioning for you, with some extremely limited exceptions. If his arrest/conviction had nothing do with any type of criminal activity against a minor, then he should be fine.

Best of luck,

Denver, CO


USCIS typically does not ask the Petitioner, in this case your husband, about their criminal past; however, they can. If they do ask him about his criminal past he should be truthful. Still, it should not affect your application. Your husband must attend the interview with you in order to prove to USCIS that your marriage is real and that you did not marry simply to obtain an immigration benefit.

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