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Can a homeowners association get a restriction order on a homeowner?

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We got a homeowner, that is going house by house telling people that we are stilling money, that shes gone take us out and put us on jail. She goes to all people working for us asking hours they work and how much we pay them. Shes telling shes on the association now. She went to 2 meeting and scream threat like a crazy. She s making community meeting trying to put community against us. We haven't done anything in the beginning for respect and we thought she will not bother for long. We are kind of afraid of her, thinking what she will do next. On the meetings she point the finger on us and screams that she want to run for President. We are nervous and stress. What can we do, can we put a
Temporary restriction order on her. We have nothing to hide and documents are open to everyon

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My suggestion is to offer mediation, which would be required to bring any legal action. Getting a restraining order will only escalate the situation and divide the community to those who support her and those who support the board. These situations never end well and take years to resolve.

If it appears at or after mediation the woman is being irrational, then you can at least keep community support by claiming you tried an amicable solution. And you will know exactly what information she has and why she thinks it means the directors are stealing money. Maybe what makes sense to you isn't so clear to her and talking it out will help. If not, the beauty of mediation is nothing discussed in mediation can be disclosed, so she will need to watch what she says.

Your association will need a lawyer if you do not already have one.

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How do we go for mediation?

Barbara Billiot Stage

Barbara Billiot Stage


Doesn't your association have an attorney? You really need one. You have to send a "Statutory Offer of Pre-Suit Mediation" which contains the language in Fla. Stat. 720.311 and lists five mediators for the other party to choose from.

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