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Can a Home Owners Association prevent me from operating a Family Daycare?

Spokane, WA |

I own a home in WA State that is part of a Home Owners Association. The By-laws prohibit a home business. I want to run a family daycare out of my home. Do I have any rights as a home owner?

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You would be bound by the CC & R's of the HOA which you agreed to when you purchased the property. The other response is correct, you would need a business license even if there were some statute allowing you to have it despite the CC& R's and you would be subjecting the HOA to liability. Neighbors would also likely object due to excessive traffic, noise, increased liability exposure, etc.
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The rules of the HOA and by-laws are binding covenants and run with the land. Purchasers of property are bound to know the covenants running with the land at the time of purchase.

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