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Can a health insurance company force you to sign up for auto bill payment under the threat of cancellation of your policy?

Lexington, KY |

My mother just told me that she was forced to sign up for auto bill pay by her health insurance company. She was told by letter (I have a copy) that automatic bank account deduction for monthly payments was "now mandatory", and that if she did not respond to the letter they would cancel her coverage. She is a senior citizen and was terrified at the thought of losing her insurance so she went in person to pay her bill and tell them she did not want auto pay. They told her they had erased her from the system and that she would not get her insurance unless she signed up for the mandatory auto pay. I am truly appalled and not sure what course of action to take.

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How old is your mother? If she's a "senior citizen", why does she not have Medicare? If you are referring to a Medicare supplemental policy, please provide that information. You don't have to name the company if you don't want, but we need to know what kind of health insurance your mother has. It is not unusual for an insurance company to require automatic electronic payment but unless the law is different in KY, cash or check payment preference should be honored as long as the account is not in default. You should check this out for your mother, yourself and if her description to you is accurate, contact the KY Insurance department to ask if the company can cancel for this reason.

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