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Can a H1B visa holder work part-time in a music school?

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Is it legal for a person holding H1B visa to work part-time in a music school and get paid? My husband holds a H1B and works in an IT company. Can he also work part-time in a music school ? Is it legal if he does that and pays the tax for his part-time income also?

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Your husband can't work part-time for a second employer under his current H-1B. He has two choices: he can volunteer or he can ask the second employer to sponsor him for a part-time H-1B visa to cover this employment. This assumes that the part-time job would meet the requirements for an H-1B visa namely a position that requires a baccalaureate. I would suggest your husband confer with an immigration attorney.

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Your husband can get a concurrent H-1B visa for part time work. I have processed part time H-1B visas. I would suggest your husband confer with an immigration attorney. My offices are in Sunnyvale.


You would need an H-1b through that school. H-1B only authorizes employment with the petitioning employer.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts and advise you accordingly.

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