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Can a green card holder face deportation and be denied citizenship for a criminal misdemeanor conviction

Seattle, WA |

i am a green card holdre since 1979 I was convicter of a class 7 misdemeanor six months ago would this affect me applying for citizenship

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Attorney answers 1


Since you did not give the name of your state, no one reading likely would know what kind of crime a "class 7 misdemeanor" is or if it has immigration consequences.

In general, there are many bases for an alien to be removed/deported from the US. Not all of those bases require the qualifying crime to be classified as a "felony".

Moreover, if you are now on probation or some other supervision, you likely cannot show good moral character. A naturalization applicant must show good moral character to qualify for naturalization.

You best action may be to review your facts and options with an attorney.