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Can a green card holder bring over parents and fiancee?

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Can a green card holder bring here his parents and a fiancee(future wife) from his country? Like apply for them so they can live here? And he would marry the fiancee and adjust her status. Or does he have to wait until he gets his citizenship? He got the green card through marriage to a US citizen. Thanks

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Only citizens can petition for their parents and fiancées


The green card holder needs to naturalize before he can bring his fiancée into the country. A green card holder cannot petition for his parents.


No, there is no visa category for parents of a permanent resident, or fiancé of a permanent resident.

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Unfortunately not, he must be a USC.

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No, green card holders cannot petition for their parents or fiancees. They can petition for a spouse (F2A category in Visa Bulletin), but the waiting time is lengthy considering the relative petition/consular green card application processing times. Green card holder should consult with an immigration attorney about filing for his naturalization to become a US citizen, and what relative/fiancee petitions should be filed after he became a US citizen. At times, it is better to file a fiancee petition than a consular spousal green card application, because fiance could come to US faster than the spouse.

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