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Can a finalized divorce done on 10/10/12 in Harris County TX be reversed?

Cypress, TX |

I recently stood before a judge in Harris County TX and got my divorce finalized and now believe I may have rushed into it. My husband never wanted the divorce but gave me what I asked for and signed the answer. We would both like to have it reversed ASAP.

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Within 30 days of the entry of the final decree, either side can file a Motion for New Trial and seek to have the prior order set aside. You can even file a joint Motion for New Trial. If a joint motion was filed and you had a nonsuit (dismissal) reday to present to the court, then I believe that most courts would set aside the prior judgment, grant the new trial and allow the parties to dismiss the underlying divorce. I have attached a link with my contact information in the event that you would like to visit further concerning this matter.

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Did either one of you have an attorney representing you? If so, contact the attorney immediately. The attorney can tell you what you need to do. Time is of the essence!

A divorce is not finalized until 30 days after the judge signs the Final Decree of Divorce.

Hurry...the clock is ticking.

If you to stay married, you can go to the judge and ask him to not grant the divorce.
Or, you can just get re-married.


You'll need to file a motion for new trial. The deadline for filing this kind of motion is 30 days from the date your divorce decree was signed. If both of you agree with the judge granting the motion (which re-opens the case) then the judge will likely approve it. Once the case has been re-opened, you can then file a notice of non-suit to dismiss the case.

Or, as Ms. Brochstein suggested, you could just get re-married.