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Can a felony be lowered so that it is not a felony even though you said you did it?

Bremerton, WA |

I was fired for theft. I took 700 dollars because I was going to court over custody of my child. I have never been in trouble. My x employer says that I stole 1099.00.

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Yes, it can definitely be lowered. In fact, some counties would not even file this as a felony in the first place. First, I woudl suggest that you not make any more public comments about the facts of your case. Second, I would suggest that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the county where this allegedely occurred. These steps will put you in the best position to protect your record.


I agree with Mr. Clark. There are many ways to resolve criminal accusations, and a good lawyer's first priority is going to be for you to avoid a felony conviction. In many, if not most cases, that is going to be possible. It may take negotiating with the employer, or with the prosecutor. Or it may be a case that you can win at trial based on what you have said.
But I would definitely recommend you talk to a lawyer as soon as you possibly can, so that process can begin.


Absolutely it can. It is solely up to the prosecuting attorney what or even to charge you. Many times, a lower level, first offense felony can actually be charged as a misdemeanor to give you a bit of a break. This happens quite a bit for first offense felony theft cases with a low dollar amount. I would contact a competent, experienced criminal defense attorney right away and not discuss your case with anyone except an attoney at this point.

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