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Can a father be placed back on child support if a mother had him taken off?

Decatur, GA |

My husband and I just got married and his son mother is jealous and he pay child support but not court order so we was wondering can she put him back on even though she had him taken off?

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As a general rule, child support can always be modified (increased, decreased, started, or stopped).


I am assuming you are referring to a mother opening a case with the Division of Child Support Services and subsequently closing the case. If so, yes, I mother can re-open her case with the Division of Child Support Services after a period of time (determined by administrative law).

If there is a Child Support Order established in the Superior Court or the State Office of Administrative Hearings, child support arrears may accrue under such order until such time as the children emancipates or the order is set aside. The non-custodial parent (Father in this case), should continue to pay child support pursuant to the Order, regardless of whether the custodial parent requests the State of Georgia (Division of Child Support Services) to enforce her case.

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