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Can a F-1 Student Visa denial be appealed?

Minneapolis, MN |

I am trying to sponsor a Haitian student. He was accepted into an intensive language program at the univ. of minnesota for spring semester 2012 and also accepted into a physical therapy program for fall 2012. The consulate denied his application citing that he could take English classes in Haiti. We believe he needs to attend English classes here to improve his English skills enough to succeed in college.

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Unfortunately, the U.S. embassy in Haiti is notorious for denying even qualified non-immigrant visa applicants. If the clock is still fresh, I believe the applicant can request a supervisor review of the file, not really an appeal. But my strongest suggestion is to contact a qualified immigration attorney familiar with the U.S. embassy in Haiti, also note there are many qualified pro bono agencies that deal specifically with Haiti and Haitians. But time is of the essence.

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Is there an organization that you are aware of that does pro bono work for Hatians? I'm having difficulty finding someone in Minneapolis.

Richard Andrew Constantino Alton

Richard Andrew Constantino Alton


It may be difficult up there, but one national organization that may have lists of pro bono agencies is AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Assoc.) and in Florida FIAC (Florida Immigrant Advoc. Center)


No. As my colleague states, you can ask for supervisory review if the denial is recent, but there is no formal appeal.

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You may wish to discuss with a lawyer who is familiar with the procedure for successful visa issuance in Haiti.
Perhaps you may wish to apply for another type of visa where there is a possibility of sucess.



I agree with my colleagues. It would be best to contact an experienced immigrationa ttorney who has assisted prior clients with obtaining benefits through the Consulate in Port-au-Prince.

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