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Can A Employer hold Pay Stubs

Skillman, NJ |

I am on Direct Deposit method and usually my employer sends the pay stubs within a week after the direct deposit. But since couple of months he is holding onto my pay stubs since he is skeptical that i will be transferring to another company. Is it legal for employer to hold the pay stubs? Can i complain to DOL on this?

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Has he actually told you that he is holding your pay stubs because he thinks you are trying to change employment? If he has, you certainly can complain to the Department of Labor because you are entitled to a written record of your pay, taxes, and other withholdings. Also, he cannot penalize you for considering a change of employment. That amounts to involuntary servitude and that is illegal. At this point, I do not think you need a lawyer to address your issue, but if his conduct continues, you might.

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