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Can a employer cut your base rate of pay if you have accumulated some occurrences

Racine, WI |

My fiancée had called in a few times recently two of the days for which he had a doctors excuse & now his employer is coming down on him one of which they are going to cut his base pay .

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Depending on whether your state is an at-will state, and whether other facts exist, for example, the nature of the medical condition involved, the employer typically retains the ability to change the terms and conditions of employment, including salary or pay rate in the absence of a written agreement of employment for a term of years.

The rub here, is that the employer may not alter the terms of employment in retaliation related to an employee's disability.

if the employee was absent due to a disability, rather than temporary illness, the employer may be in violation of the law.

Please check the law of your state


Wisconsin is an "at will" employment state. The employer can change the working conditions, pay, hours, etc. for any or no reason, so long as the reason is not one on the small list of prohibited reasons like race. If he has a contract (individual or Union) the answer could be different.

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