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Can a domestic partner receive survivor benefits from social security in washington state?

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Can the survivor of a 20 year relationship receive SS benefits if the other partner passes. The couple were never married but lived as a married couple in Washington state for 20 years?

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Currently, the federal government does not recognize same gender marriage. Since Social Security is a federal program, a domestic partner would not be entitled to any Social Security benefits based on the earnings of the decedent partner.

This is currently true regardless of how long the two lived together or whether they may be married under some state's laws.

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Thuong-Tri Nguyen

Thuong-Tri Nguyen


For a heterosexual couple, if they are not considered married with each other under state laws, they are not entitled to any Social Security benefits based on the earnings of the decedent partner. WA, within its borders, has never allowed the formation of a common law marriage between two persons regardless of how long they have lived with each other. If the two lived together in some other state that allows the formation of a common law marriage and they qualify under that state's laws, WA and the federal government would recognize that marriage. If the decedent has children under 18, those children would likely be entitled to Social Security benefits based on the decedent's earnings. It is best that the family review the specific facts with the family's attorney.


Excellent answer from Attorney Nguyen.

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Unfortunately, the answer is no. Sorry. Best of luck to you.

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