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Can a doctor stop seeing work comp patients without notice

Houston, TX |

i was seeing this doctor under work comp and went for a follow-up, jus tto find out that he no longer sees work comp patients no is he accepting new work comp patients. My question is, Can he do this in the middle of treatment and without notice?

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Yes. The doctor has a right to decide who he will treat and what compensation he will accept.

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The doctor can stop seeing workers' comp patients, and many have in Texas because it is getting hard for them to get paid. Recently, the Supreme Court of Texas ruled that insurance companies can treat injured workers unfairly, including failing to pay the medical bills such that the doctor won't treat the patient anymore, and there is nothing you can do to the insurance company to right that wrong. The good news, though, is that when the doctor refuses to treat, you have the right to change doctors to one that will. In my opinion, the choice of doctor is one of the biggest decisions that is made in a workers' comp case. I also believe that it is best done with the advice of a local attorney that knows many of the doctors in the area that treat injured workers. You don't want to end up with a doc that works for employers and insurance companies. You need a doctor that can properly treat you AND be a good patient advocate, who will fight for the necessary treatment you need when it gets denied.

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