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Can a Doctor Refuse To Take You As A Patient For No Good Reason?

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I have new insurance and tried to make an appointment to see a doctor a few weeks ago when I had the flu. When I called a doctor's office, the receptionist answered the phone and gathered my information. When she returned to the phone, she verified my address and told me that the office was refusing me as a patient. I have never been to this doctor and I do not have any bills outstanding. What I do believe is that my company last year was slow on paying my bills to my physical therapist from an on-the-job injury, and my physical therapist may be affiliated with this doctor. When I asked for the doctor's name who said would not take me as a patient, the receptionist yelled at me and stated, The don't need to know his name!"

Can doctors refuse your service for no legitimate reason?

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How can you have the right to force someone to work for you? What would you do if someone came to you and said you had to work for them, no matter what? Maybe, as the AVVO category you selected might indicate, you were doctor shopping. Maybe you are on a list of drug-seeking patients? Maybe you are on medicaid? Many doctors do not accept medicaid or other forms of ObamaCare. Maybe they ran your credit rating and did not like it. You say, "no legitimate reason," but you do not know that and, as far as I can see, they do not have to disclose.

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