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Can a divorce lawyer just STOP working on my case?

Junction City, KS |

I have not heard from my divorce lawyer in 6 weeks. Emails go unanswered. I have paid all fees owed and have not got a bill from her.

I am overseas, so I rely on email as the primary communication souce - and she knows this.
She was to file a motion to stop alimony (due to the loss of my job) and the suspense date for that action has passed. I have an other source of income which is being wrongfully garnished by the state for (now) four months. (I was current on alimony ... and they are garnishing my 50% of my Military retirement pay FOR alimony).

I sent an email to her secretary, and it has been unanswered. Its like they dropped off the face of the earth. Is this right? Seems VERY unethical to me.

What are my options?

Who can I complain to?

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Failure to handle a matter entrusted to an attorney is one of the major sources of complaints to state bars. I would go to the expense and inconvenience of trying to call your attorney's office during business hours. Maybe she changed her e-mail account. If you still cannot get a hold of her you need to hire a new attorney. From your account of events you would be justified in filing a complaint with your state bar, assuming the problem is her unavailability by more than only the e-mail method of contact.

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