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Can a debtor come after a different LLC than the current LLC that the debt liability is owed?


I am a small restaurant owner with 100% stake & I listed my girlfriend as minority owner at 0% just so she can make decisions should I die. I made the mistake of taking a massive Covid EIDL loan from the SBA that I signed, not her. I recently received a delinquency notice 2 weeks ago. Ive since reached out to the SBA to communicate that it is not my intention to let it go unresolved & would like to get on some sort of hardship payment plan or plan to pay minimal payments to show good faith & keep them at bay. I want to honor the debt & pay it down. Even if it takes my whole life. I am the guarantor on it, but since, I've had partners come on during 2023 that have no relationship to the debt. My girlfriend is also no longer a listed minority governor of the business as of mid 2023. In addition, I've since opened a new restaurant operating under a different LLC with said new partners.

- If I default, can/will the SBA come after me, my new business or the partners of the new business?

- Are my partners liable for the debts from my past as sole guarantor?

- Will my girlfriend be liable for the debt if I default even though she was listed at 0%?

Please help! Thank you!

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