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Can a debt collector collect on the same debt twice?

Washington, MO |

I have already been sued and the debt was collected back in 2005. How is it that the same debt collection agency can come back and collect on the same debt. I know for a fact that I had no other debts than the one that was collected. That was the only card I had ever had or will ever have!

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No. Of course they can not collect the same debt twice. If they brought a suit against you your defense is "accord and satisfaction". I recommend getting a copy of documents indicating that the debt was satisfied in full, and sending copies to the company. If they persist, see a debtors rights attorney to enforce your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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You can't be forced to re-pay a debt already paid. Hopefully you have the proof of the prior payment. Recommend that you tell whoever is trying to collect now to cease all contact, and invoke your Fair Debt Collection Practices Act rights.

You have the right to ask them to verify the debt (prove that it's a valid debt). You have the right to tell them not to contact you, and they must obey. They could sue you, but I doubt it will get to that point.


You certainly can't be made to pay twice. The real issue now is proof. Hopefully, you can come up with good evidence that you satisfied this debt.

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