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Can a debt collection agency call me at work?

Winner, SD |

I got a call for me at work. When I answered the call, it was a collection agency. I told them this was my work number. They should have known, we answer the phone with our business's name. She then told me, I needed to do this and that. I again told her I was at work. She said I had to call her ASAP. It was 8:58 pm. I couldn't call because it was late, and I had work to do.

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Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have to notify them that the number they are calling is your work number and top stop calling that number. If they do not comply, it is a $1000 violation each time they continue to call there.

Good luck to you!

Marc Gregory Wagman

Marc Gregory Wagman


They must know that the employer does allow calls of a personal nature at work for it to be actionable.


Use the magic words, "my employer does not allow personal calls at work". They must cease calling. If they don't write down who called, when and the number. Then see a consumer attorney for violations of the FDCPA.

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I agree, you need to tell them you can't take calls at work and they can no longer contact you there. There are 2 purposes for the call, to verify you are working (so they can sue you, obtain a judgment, and then garnish your wages) or to harass you to make a payment. If the calls continue you should start making a log of the calls, which can be used to support a claim under the FDCPA. Do you need to consider a bankruptcy? How much debt do you have?

Please see my office website blog regarding debt collection violations and bankrutpcy information.

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