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Can a debt-collecting agency garnish my pension money?

Dublin, OH |

I am 59 yrs old and recently was fired fro a job that paid 75,000 dollars/year.. i do not receieve unemployment.. I want to start receiving my pension.
I have 61,000 dolars credit card debt that i cannot pay back right now. these accounts are almost 6 months past due/ going to collections.
can the collection company garnish my pension money? thank you

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Typically most private pensions and all government disability are exempt from garnishment for a judgment creditor. Please make sure your pension funds do not commingle with other funds from other bank accounts or you may have a difficult time proving those funds are exempt. Based on the current debt you have, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to explore your options for dealing with this debt.

I am licensed in Ohio & Kentucky, posting a response to your question or issue does not create an attorney-client relationship and I am not providing you legal advice. You should speak with an attorney who is licensed in your state to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights--or rights to recovery of damages.


Your pension money is likely exempt from garnishment. You should speak with a bankruptcy attorney regarding your debt issues. Most will offer a free initial consultation. The issue is going to be what assets you may have.

The response given is not intended to create, nor does it create an ongoing duty to respond to questions. The response does not form an attorney-client relationship, nor is it intended to be anything other than the educated opinion of the author. It should not be relied upon as legal advice. The response given is based upon the limited facts provided by the person asking the question. To the extent additional or different facts exist, the response might possibly change. Attorney is licensed to practice law only in the State of Illinois. Responses are answers to general legal questions and the receiver of such question should consult a local attorney for specific answers to questions.

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