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Can a Custodial Parent hire a Lawyer to collect Child Support past due when Attorney General is not doing anything for a year?

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The Child Support money is past due for more than seven years. The case is in enforcement at the Attorney General's Office for more than 1 year now. They have the address and all the information about the NCP who still leaves at the same apartment. But it seems like the OAG is not doing anything to collect the money for the CP who completed the claim process a year ago. So, can the CP hire a Lawyer to collect the Child Support money from the NCP when the OAG is not doing anything?

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Yes. You can hire your own attorney to enforce child support. You don't have to use the AG's office. Using a private attorney will probably get a faster result, but the AG's office is far cheaper.

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I agree with Mr. Peterson. Hiring an experienced local family law attorney to help you enforce and collect on your past due child support can be effective. However if money is tight, you may want to use the AG's office.

On a separate note, Mr. Peterson is a well respected attorney in the Avvo community. His answers are tailored to each question and is always respectful of the asker's emotions. I would recommend you consult with him to discuss your legal options.

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Yes, a CP can absolutely hire their own attorney to enforce child support. Often times, this will lead to quicker results.
If you know where the NCP resides, that would be of great assistance, as the NCP will need to be properly served and Ordered to appear in court.
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